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Propane Kitchen AppliancesWhy should you buy Propane Kitchen Appliances?

Your propane appliances are the backbone of your kitchen, restaurant, business, passion, and more. When your vital propane equipment malfunctions or stops working, you can’t afford to wait around for an expensive team to come and conduct repairs.


With Poist Gas Company, our master mechanics have affordable rates and show up on time – so you can get back to business without breaking the bank or losing precious time.


For over 70 years, we have been servicing propane gas stoves, propane gas appliances and propane kitchen appliances, and more in the Laurel, MD area and surrounding counties. From local businesses to large industry repairs, we understand how important it is to keep the fires lit — indoor, outdoor, in the fireplace, or in the kitchen. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be your one-stop for all propane needs.


Stay cooking, stay in business, stay fueled, and stay running with our reliable and worry-free propane-powered appliances service and repair.

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Propane Gas Stove

Repaired by Our Propane Gas Stove Expert Team in Laurel & Savage, MD

Propane Gas StoveWhy should you hire a Poist Gas Company for Propane Gas Stove?

The Poist Gas Company, propane appliance service, and repair team is composed of master mechanics trained by our certified Master Gasfitters. We take the safety of propane appliances seriously and ensure we have the best team who have been expertly trained to provide efficient, accurate installs and repairs with no delay.


To better serve our local Maryland communities, we keep our hourly rates reasonable and never have hidden or unexpected extra charges. As a full-service gas company, we take pride in being your go-to team anytime you need a repair, installation, or maintenance check for your propane gas stove or other appliances.


We also provide emergency propane gas stove services. If you call after our standard business hours, you will be connected with our on-call technician, so you always have access to a trusted resource to help you when something breaks or malfunctions. From the propane gas stove that powers your kitchen to the propane heater, we show up, complete repairs, and get you back to working order, no time lost, any time of day.

Propane Gas Appliances

propane gas appliances.How resolve the Propane Gas Appliances issue?

Poist Gas Company does not just cater to large appliances. We handle your small propane appliance service and repair, too. If you use propane burners or propane camping equipment, we can repair or help maintain these propane gas appliances.


Poist Gas Company also sells a variety of propane appliances, including grills, burners, freezers, and more. Our knowledge from sales to installations helps us always assist you with your repairs, no matter what you are facing.


With our repair service and more, your small propane appliances will always be working, so no matter what you are cooking up, you have the ability to keep running with the fires burning.

Propane Kitchen Stove


What is the need for propane kitchen stove appliances?

propane kitchen stoveIf your propane appliance stops working due to an equipment failure, we have the spare parts to offer to help you out. We carry regulators, fittings, and custom-made gas hoses to fit your needs.


Of our three locations, one is our sales floor, where we carry propane stoves kitchen appliances for sale, and more. Our one-stop-gas-company business model allows you to have access to everything you need to stay in working order, and our inventory keeps that happening.


Repair your propane kitchen stove or any assortment of propane kitchen appliances with our spare parts on hand. Give us a call, and a technician will meet with you shortly in order to assess the repairs and parts needed to keep you working.

Propane Appliances Service & Repair

propane kitchen appliancesIf you own a food truck powered by propane or a catering van, we are able to help you with your service and repairs, too. By appointment only, we can have a technician meet with you who specializes in food truck repairs and maintenance to complete any repairs or help get you back up and running.


Keep your wheels turning and grills cooking with our food truck propane repairs and service. We aim to keep any propane kitchen appliances, in working order, no matter where it is — home, business, or driveway. Never let your clients down with our reliable, expert service.


Poist Gas Company will also soon provide HVAC services. We currently provide limited repair services for propane appliances, but will always work with you to find a solution to your needs. Give us a call and we will discuss our schedule, parts in stock, and crews available to complete the repairs. If there is ever a problem we can’t take on, we will refer you to several other trusted propane kitchen appliances and propane gas appliances service and repair companies in your area.


We have maintained and continued to grow our reputation for over 70 years as a go-to gas company in the Maryland area. This dedication keeps you in business, warm, and cooking no matter the time of day.


Give us a call to check our inventory, schedule, and more. We promise to find a solution that fits your needs.

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