Commercial Propane Services for Your Business

The Energy You Rely On to Keep Working

If your business relies on propane equipment, you don’t want to leave your repairs, refills, and maintenance to chance. From the food industry to warehouses, Poist Gas Company has been the go-to commercial propane service team since 1936 in Maryland.


With three locations, certified Master Gasfitters on the team, and experienced professionals, we can handle your industrial gas sales, your commercial propane repairs, routine commercial propane refills, and propane appliance sales and installations, all under our commercial propane services umbrella.


Our crew has been called upon for propane kitchen appliance installations, food truck repairs, forklift propane deliveries, and more. We are the one-stop-shop for all commercial propane solutions, so contact us today to get started and keep your business running efficiently.

commercial propane services and sales for restaurants

Yes, We Have Commercial Propane Solutions for You

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Propane Filling Stations
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Commercial Propane

Commercial Propane Services, Deliveries, and Repairs

underground propane tank installationPoist Gas Company provides propane delivery service to your commercial building or your work site. We are available for propane tank drop-offs and pick-ups and are able to provide routine propane gas deliveries.


We utilize a monthly route system that ensures all of our customers consistently have the propane they need to run their business smoothly. As part of our commercial propane services, you will be able to rely on routine, regular deliveries that keep your equipment running and that do not leave you wondering if your tank will go empty.


Unlike larger companies, our small business model allows us to put your needs first always. We excel in customer service, and that begins with reliable commercial propane service. In addition to our trusted delivery system, our service technicians can handle services and repairs to your propane equipment on site.


If something has ceased working, broken, fallen into disrepair, or you are facing other challenges, let us know, and we will take care of the problem. Because we sell, install, and deliver propane appliances, we know everything there is to know about propane equipment and can implement proven commercial propane solutions. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency services, so after-hours or weekend visits are available to you. Give us a call, and you will be connected with our on-call technician.

Restaurant & Food Industry Commercial Propane Services

commercial propane servicesLocal restaurants and food industries rely on us in Maryland due to our experienced and reliable team. We keep the propane on so your cooking is never delayed, and you are never at risk of being out of business due to refills, deliveries, or repairs needed.


Because propane is a more effective way of cooking — more heat distribution and quicker warming times — we want to keep our local chefs satisfied. Our Master Gasfitters are experienced with setting up and repairing gas systems in restaurants, and we handle food trucks by appointment, too. No matter where you cook, cook in style and cook prepared with Poist Gas Company commercial propane services.


That’s right if you own a food truck or a catering vehicle with propane-powered equipment, our commercial propane services include maintaining your stoves, fryers, and more. We stand behind our work, and our mission is to be the go-to commercial propane service provider in the Maryland area, so we ensure we know how to do it all, so you never need to worry.

Forklift Tanks and Warehouse Heat are Covered

propane forklift salesWhether you need warehouse heat, propane refills for your forklift tanks, or outbuilding heat, we have your commercial propane service needs covered. Stay running, stay warm, and stay in operation with regular refills, emergency services, and maintenance and repair technicians available to you on-site.


Powering your forklifts with propane tanks is an affordable, economical solution. In order to ensure your forklifts are always in operation, utilize Poist Gas Company as your commercial propane service company. We can drop off tanks, pick them up, and provide refills, giving you a variety of solutions that always keeps you working.


To power your warehouse or outbuilding heat, we are also available. Our reliable crews, route system, and master gasfitters are all equipped and optimized around one thing – customer service. We begin by never letting you down.


Review our 5-star testimonials to find out why so many businesses in Maryland already rely on us and why you should, too. With three locations based throughout Maryland, we promise to have the crew you need available and ready to go.


Check out our service areas, and contact us today to get started with the most trusted commercial propane service company.

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