The Best Propane Powered Appliances for Your Home

Many homeowners and business managers swear by propane for their appliances, since it’s a very reliable source of power that can be widely used for a variety of purposes. Propane powered appliances may need to rely on tank refills and maintenance, but propane is viewed as a much more efficient industrial gas where the pros far outweigh the cons. Propane-powered appliances are useful for cooking, heating, outdoor living, and much more.

Whether your home is already powered by propane or you’re thinking of converting, here are some propane-powered appliances that may convince you propane is the best investment. When in doubt, reach out to your local gas company to help answer any questions or concerns you have about installing propane-powered appliances in your home.

A Propane Kitchen Stove Enhances the Heart of Your Home

propane powered kitchen stoveThe propane kitchen stove is one of the more practical and desired devices that people tend to think of when picturing propane-powered appliances for their home. A propane powered kitchen stove is requested by many homeowners because many folks enjoy cooking over an open flame rather than on a metal coil. A propane kitchen stove preheats faster than an electric model and is just as easy to use, making it a more efficient appliance for the home. Some may say a propane kitchen stove enhances the overall flavor, and while this is not necessarily true one way or another, it can make fast family meals doable for stress-free week nights.

Outdoor Propane Heaters Have Limitless Options

outdoor patio propane heaterDespite the initial cost of the heater and the propane tank to power it, an outdoor propane heater is extremely cost-effective and a great idea when investing in propane-powered appliances since it serves a very practical use. Outdoor propane heaters can keep homeowners and their guests warm when sitting outside on a chilly day or it can be placed in a space that needs to be kept warm for one reason or another. Propane heaters are effective for outdoor gatherings, working in the driveway, completing home maintenance in a colder month, and more. An outdoor propane heater doesn’t have to be a luxury but can be a wise purchase for the Fall and Winter months.

The best part about this appliance is that many of them are easy to move and they come in various shapes and sizes that can be made to fit several spaces where a person might need them. If you choose a smaller propane heater, you can take it camping or utilize it in the garage and other areas of the home if the power ever fails.

A Propane-Powered Clothes Dryer is Efficient and Useful

gas clothes dryerPropane-powered dryers are actually used for residential and commercial purposes quite often, as they are quicker and more efficient than electric clothes dryers. Propane-powered clothes dryers may create less wrinkles in clothing and are more cost effective. If your home is electric but you are considering converting to propane power, a cost effective clothes dryer to help with your laundry could be a strong incentive. Lower energy bills and faster drying speeds are A+ when it comes to this propane-powered appliance, especially when laundry is never-ending.

Outdoor Propane Burners Have Several Functions

outdoor propane burnerOutdoor propane burners should not be overlooked when considering your optional propane appliances. An outdoor propane burner is often portable, making it great for cooking both at home and on a camping trip. These are also a great heating source in the colder seasons, both for outdoor gatherings and in emergency situations. These can be easily stored in your garage, shed, or other climate-controlled areas of the home when not in use. Enjoy cooking outdoors, entertaining, and having a source of heat in the chillier months with a simple outdoor propane burner investment.

Don’t Overlook the Propane-Powered Water Heater

gas powered water heaterSome people may choose to forgo a propane-powered water heater because electric water heaters can reach a higher overall temperature. Propane-powered water heaters, however, heat much quicker than an electric model. These are extremely popular for home owners when it comes to the colder months — washing your hands, preparing a bath, or taking a quick shower in the morning are all a lot more comfortable with fast, hot water at the ready. It is easy to compensate for the slightly lower temperature with a larger water heater, as well. There are pros and cons to both water heater options, but propane-power making hot temperatures fast is a strong check in the pro column.

Propane-Powered Home Appliances Are Extremely Useful and Efficient

Propane-powered appliances are highly preferred by some people due to their efficiency, energy levels, cost effectiveness, and more. While you may invest more up-front by switching your home from electric to propane, the costs over the long run will be well worth the investment. By talking to your local gas company, you can figure out exactly what sized propane tank you will need to help power your home. Consider which propane-powered appliances you will want and which ones you will keep on electric. Your home can be a balance of both electric appliances and propane-powered appliances. Your decision on which appliances to convert can come down to preference, cost, priority, climate, seasonal factors, if you find yourself with power frequently, and more. The electric to propane change is not for every homeowner, but it is worth considering and consulting with local professionals to determine your best course of action.

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