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Poist Gas Company MD: Industrial & Propane Gas Services

For almost a century, Poist Gas Company has been servicing and supporting residential and commercial clients in Laurel, MD and Savage, MD, and surrounding areas for all of their gas, propane, bottled gas, and propane appliance and servicing needs.


Gas Co Professionals


Whether it’s delivering residential and commercial propane or servicing and repairing propane appliances, our knowledgeable, experienced team puts the customer first and makes sure the work is done properly. Our Gas Co professionals are experienced with a high work ethic and dedication to providing unbeatable value to our clients in our communities.


Our prices are competitive, from propane appliances to services and delivery, and we monitor every customer’s propane levels, so no one is ever left out in the cold. With three locations and dedicated staff, we can handle any request you have, no matter when you need it, making us your trusted propane gas company in Maryland.


Poist Gas Co is an authorized dealer for a variety of propane appliances, making us a convenient one-stop-shop for home and business owners who want to take advantage of propane’s many benefits. Whether you need grills, gas rangers, chest freezers, washing machines, or something else entirely, we have it handled.


We’re ready to provide you with excellent customer service and support. Our crew and trucks are available 24/7 – during normal business hours and after hours for emergencies – because our customers matter. Don’t hesitate; contact us today, and learn why we are the go-to Laurel Gas Co that so many neighbors have relied on for decades.

Propane Services

Propane Companies in Maryland

Reliable Propane Appliance Sales, Service, and Repair

propane service and repair

Nothing can be worse than needing an emergency or urgent repair for your propane appliance. Poist Gas Company in Maryland or propane providers near Laurel, MD, is here for you when disaster strikes or appliances break, and you need reliable service that is quick and affordable.


Our certified Master Gasfitters and team of master mechanics can handle small appliance repairs, including burners and camping equipment, up to food truck repairs, and custom fittings and replacements.


Give us a call with the details of your problem, and we’ll create the perfect solution to be completed as soon as possible, so you can get back to grilling, working, or staying warm.


Poist Gas Co is also an authorized dealer of propane appliances, so you can purchase what you need directly from us, the gas company you’ve relied on for so many decades.


Our products are offered from various manufacturers, and our propane appliances for sale include gas grills, cookers and friers, washing machines, dryers, gas ranges, refrigerators, chest freezers, and more. With trusted names like Frigidaire, Maytag, KitchenAid, GE, and many more, you get brand reliability with the trust of a local business in your community. Shop today and ask us questions for our best recommendations.

Propane Tanks for Sale for Home and Business

In need of a new propane tank? We are a trusted propane gas supplier or lp gas supplier in Maryland with a large variety of propane tanks for sale to suit the needs of any residential home or commercial property.


20-pound tanks up to 1,000 gallons give you the flexibility to find the right size, amount, and design to suit your needs on your property. Stay warm, stay running, stay in operation with our propane tanks for sale. From camping and grilling all the way to running your home, we have it covered.

propane tanks for sale

Residential Laurel Gas Services

lp gas company

Poist Gas Company In Maryland is one of the best local propane gas companies in Laurel, MD. We have trusted propane suppliers or propane gas suppliers for residential homes in Laurel, MD, and surrounding counties because we understand how important it is for our customers to always have a gas company that they can rely on for emergency services, consistent refills, and excellent customer service.


We have a monthly route system that ensures residential Laurel gas needs are always met and propane tanks are already topped off before the bad weather hits. We can install new propane tanks or residential propane tank installation services and repair the propane appliances you already have. Don’t wait. Call today, and we’ll get everything taken care of.

Gas Company in Maryland

We stand behind our community, and that means providing reliable commercial gas services that go beyond your expectations, so your business is always thriving. We are the reliable propane gas company in Maryland for commercial businesses because we handle such a large variety of business needs and industries.


Contact us if you’re a restaurant owner looking for warehouse heat, a food truck owner or manager, in need of outbuilding heat, and more. With master gasfitters on staff, emergency repairs or setting up a restaurant’s system is no problem. Trust us as your go-to gas company, and we promise to keep you running.

propane gas companies in maryland

Propane Tank Companies

Outdoor Propane Appliances, Sales, and Repairs

outdoor propane grilling

As one of the premier propane tank companies, we understand that propane fuels your outdoor activities, no matter what season we’re in. From grilling in the spring, heating your pool in the summer, cooking out and camping in the fall, and keeping the cold out of your garage in the winter, propane is what keeps you and your family in seasonal comfort.


Give us a call to keep your outdoor activities running smoothly. We will handle the sales of new propane appliances, refills, installs, repairs, and more. Take advantage of the seasonal outdoor comforts with reliable propane gas services.

Industrial Gas Sales

Rentals, refills, and sales of industrial gases are available from our Savage, MD and Laurel, MD locations. We provide argon, C02, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, and more. And if you are in need of welding supplies or parts, we can take care of those, too.


Give us a call to learn more about refills, sizes available, and more.

Emergency Services

Our Poist Gas Company customers have peace of mind with us as their trusted propane gas company in Maryland because we offer emergency services to handle any repair, sale, or refill that they need. Don’t worry that that weekend break or overnight repair will get put off for a few more hours. Contact us to handle any situation.

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